Fund-raise For Us or With Us!

You can help E-ducare advance its mission in different ways…

DIY Option. Rita and Tony are an Italian couple living in Dublin – Ireland. After hearing about E-ducare, they decided to collect funds. They created their own Facebook page and started a funding campaign to support families in need in the Giong Rieng Province in Vietnam. Thanks to donations from friends, colleagues and family, Rita and Tony collected $3,100 that bought piglets, water tanks and three little boats, helping a total of 14 families send their kids to school! And they also went to Vietnam to deliver the goods themselves!

Help Collect Funds for Specific Projects. If you don’t feel the DIY option is for you, you can help E-ducare in other ways. From time to time, we organize events and raise awareness via our social media pages. Leave us your details here and we will be in touch soon!