Free education for a more prosperous future in Vietnam 

2 min read — February 23

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Free education for a more prosperous future in Vietnam

By Marzia Fantozzi

E-ducare works along with the local communities and the local government to facilitate access to education for financially challenged families, but there are still too many children who cannot attend school. We strongly believe that access to a free public education is not a privilege. It is a human right.

In recent years, the Vietnamese government has invested heavily in education, achieving significant progress: the primary education completion rate is very high and the government's '“Fundamental School Quality Level Standards” ' policy guarantees universal access and basic conditions for every primary school in the country.

Despite the country's evident commitment, Vietnam still faces several challenges: the secondary school access rate and its quality are very low, especially in rural areas. Completing education is also more complex for girls and ethnic minorities.  By the age of 19, only one fifth of students in the poorest 20% remain in school, compared to 80% of those in the richest 20%. Moreover, secondary school enrolment in rural areas is almost 15 percentage points lower than in urban areas (76% versus 90%). Geographical disparities also exist : children in the Mekong Delta and Central Highlands have been disadvantaged in learning over the past decade. Although regional gaps are slowly narrowing, low enrolment and high drop-out rates remain common in these areas. Disadvantaged families cannot cope with economic gaps: this feeds the cycle of poverty, as their children will have low educational outcomes and consequently cannot improve their living conditions.

Action is needed to help all the 23 million children attending school in Vietnam today: the human capital of these children cannot be suppressed and a free and fair education can only point to a more prosperous future.

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