How We Work

Children living in poverty face many barriers to accessing a fundamental human right: education. With our work, we want to increase access to education for children in Vietnam and Tanzania (for now) to give them the opportunity in the future to improve the overall health and longevity of their society, grow economies, and break the poverty cycle.

Our focus is to facilitate access to education by sponsoring kids’ school fees, building infrastructures and by supporting families in need.

Currently, we have active projects in Vietnam and Tanzania and we will soon expand to Ireland.

Step 1 – Assess

Identifying the challenges and setting goals together with the local community.

Step 2 – Fundraise

Organizing fundraising activities to support the project.

Step 3 – Deliver

Executing the plan together with the local community.

Step 4 – Monitor and update

Closely tracking progress and impact. Updating donors, supporters, and sponsors.

Our Growth

We focus on Children Education because we strongly believe that:

Children represent our future..”

We use 100% of donations to achieve our incredible projects through building schools and infrastructures for children in Vietnam and Tanzania.

560 children going to school in Tanzania
25 orphans have a shared home
114 children having education in Vietnam
2 dormitories in Tanzania
25 orphans in Tanzania supported with long distance adoption
+50 children having education in Vietnam
10 children will attend vocational studies
Bringing water to the Maasai Village - Tanzania
Dispensary for 20,000 Maasai Village - Tanzania


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