Our Impact within local communities in Vietnam over the past year 

1 min read — March 22, 2022

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Our Impact within local communities in Vietnam over the past year

Here at E-ducare we are very focused and excited with many projects ahead of us, but first we decided to share the highlights of these last twelve months with this video based on the information provided by Luca Mancinelli, our Operation Director.

The Pandemic has caused of course delays and closure of some facilities which marked our path. Children couldn’t attend classes as they used to, however we managed to help 82 students through our scholarship project across primary secondary and high education, and the majority passed.

Despite all difficulties encountered along the way 20/21 is showing remarkable results compared to the previous year 19/20. During the lockdown and in line with restrictions our Teaching Facility remained closed. To support the family of those children we managed to provide food to 50 families.

It has been significant to see the impact we have had within local communities in Vietnam over the past year, even though it has been a challenging one.

The efforts of all volunteers and those who contributed made the difference in the lives of those who need it most. 

Education for all children is what E-ducare want to achieve. 

We want to thank everyone who took the time to respond and provide constructive insights and a call to get valuable people involved for the 2022 goals.

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