Every child should be free to be a kid 

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Every child should be free to be a kid

By Marta Rosa Spiga

Chung is 14 years old and he cannot read or write. 

Like many other migrant kids in Bien Hoa (Vietnam), Chung attends E-ducare teaching facility every day while his mother works long hours in a wood factory.

Since he was a little child, Chung demonstrated vivid curiosity and an adventurous spirit: he loved riding his bicycle and climbing trees. 

But one day when he was 7 years old he fell down and he broke his arm and fractured his forearm. He didn't receive proper medical assistance and nobody could take care of him at the time.

 His mother was working and he has two younger siblings. 

While he can still move his fingers, his hand mobility and dexterity is reduced.

Sometimes we take too much for granted, like the right to obtain/access/get/receive proper medical care.

Every child should be able to experience childhood adventures and to explore the world without paying this high price.

What future can he expect considering the challenges of working with a single arm and limited education?

He is ashamed of his condition and he tries to hide his arm.

He is a teenager, but is unable to have the same dreams and opportunities as his peers.

We want to help him get proper medical treatment, explore opportunities to rehabilitate his arm ( he can move his fingers) and provide him with a proper education that can open doors in order to give him a better future.

Every child should be free to be a kid and have access to education regardless of where they are born.

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