E-ducare's Water Project in Tanzania 

4 min read — September 17, 2023

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E-ducare's Water Project in Tanzania

Can you give us some background on this project, how it started, and E-ducare's involvement?

We've been engaged with the Maasai community for several years, primarily focusing on building seven classrooms spanning from standard one to standard seven. However, our commitment extends beyond that – we're addressing the challenge of water scarcity caused by changing rain patterns. To address this issue, we're collaborating closely with community leaders and a dedicated company to secure a reliable water source. Our approach emphasizes sustainable solutions like rainwater harvesting, with active community involvement at every stage. By documenting our journey, we aim to offer valuable insights for similar initiatives. Our ultimate goal is not only to ensure water access but also to improve the overall well-being of the Maasai community.

When did this project commence?

It began last year, in 2022. The community faced a pressing issue as their traditional rainwater reservoir dried up, forcing them to seek water elsewhere. This prompted discussions about finding a solution.

Has the situation changed since then?

Not significantly. The community still experiences their regular cycle of two rainy and two dry seasons. However, these rainy periods have become shorter and occasionally more intense. Dealing with these abrupt changes has been a challenge. Last year, the situation worsened as the rainy seasons became even shorter and more intense.

So, the situation is actually more challenging than when they first contacted E-ducare?


What has E-ducare done since the initial project discussions?

The project has been initiated and is progressing – we've established project criteria, logistics, timelines, and budget. We've also gained approval from the Maasai community. Despite disruptions due to the aftermath of COVID-19 in 2021, the project is now back on track. We aim to complete fundraising this year and start implementation in 2024. We still have a long journey ahead.

What are E-ducare's next steps?

We are starting the fundraising campaign and will proceed from there.

Why is this project crucial, and what reasons can inspire support?

We often take basic necessities like water for granted in our daily lives. Turning on a tap to access water whenever we need it is routine for us – for drinking, showering, cleaning, and more. However, the Maasai community, deeply connected to nature, has always relied on the rhythm of rainy seasons. Their way of life is intertwined with the natural cycles. This project is a reminder that not everyone has the same access to essentials.

As rain patterns shift, their traditional lifestyle is impacted. Water is not a luxury; it's a basic necessity. Without it, survival becomes an immediate concern, overshadowing even the importance of education. This situation underscores the significance of water – often overlooked due to our privileged access. The simple act of turning on a tap holds profound meaning when considering communities like the Maasai who lack this convenience. It reminds us to value what we have and extend empathy and assistance to communities facing these daily challenges.

What is the fundraising goal?

Our goal is $42,000. The expenses are substantial due to the project's unique conditions. Situated in the Savanna, we face specific challenges. Accessing the dig site from the main road requires covering about 20 to 25 kilometres. This demands specialised tools and tracks, contributing to higher costs. Furthermore, despite finding water at a depth of 150 metres as indicated by the initial survey, the aquifer couldn't support the entire 20,000-strong community. Multiple drilling rounds were necessary to locate viable aquifers to meet the demand. Beyond finances, we're tackling geographical obstacles, logistical complexities, and the intricate process of finding the right water source. This project truly tests our determination to bring it to fruition.

This project focuses on infrastructure, so how does it tie into E-ducare's values and mission of providing education to children?

E-ducare's mission revolves around the overall well-being of children. We aim not only to provide books and facilitate school fees but also to ensure that children are healthy enough to receive education. Safe, drinkable water isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Without water, survival is compromised, and education takes a backseat. Our work on the water project aims to ensure that children can concentrate on education, which is the fundamental right of every child.

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