Honoring Giulia Zedda's Legacy: Spreading Joy and Hope Across Borders 

3 min read — January 7

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Honoring Giulia Zedda's Legacy: Spreading Joy and Hope Across Borders

By Marta Spiga

In 2018, at the tender age of ten, Giulia Zedda's courageous battle against a brain tumour came to an end. Despite facing four years of challenging treatments, Giulia approached life with an unwavering smile and an inspiring zest for living. Today, her legacy lives on through the efforts of her dedicated parents, Eleonora and Alfio, and the association they founded, Il Sogno di Giulia Zedda ODV. This organisation, born out of tragedy, has become a beacon of hope for countless families in need. Giulia's indomitable spirit shone brightly even in her final moments. Her last wish, expressed to her mother, was simple yet profound: "Mom, I would like you to donate all my toys to less fortunate children." This selfless request set the stage for the incredible work that the association would undertake in Giulia's memory.

The association, founded by Eleonora and Alfio, has been fulfilling Giulia's wish by bringing joy and assistance to families facing economic hardships. Every day for the past five years, they have provided essential support—ranging from equipment and baby supplies to immediate professional medical attention for children in need. 

A Birthday Gift to Remember

The association's commitment to making a positive impact has transcended borders. 

On January 7, Giulia's birthday, the association contributed to an heartwarming event.

Recognizing an opportunity to spread Giulia's joy to a distant corner of the world, the association reached out to a volunteer from E-ducare heading to Vietnam. In a heartwarming gesture, they gifted toys to underprivileged children in Vietnam, ensuring that Giulia's smile continues to brighten lives far beyond her homeland. 

So Sixty-five street children from E-ducare’s teaching facility in Bien Hoa, who seldom experience the joy of receiving gifts, were surprised with toys donated by Il Sogno di Giulia Zedda ODV. 

The children's gleeful reactions, captured in a video, showcased the impact of Giulia's enduring spirit and the power of generosity in the face of adversity.

The association's commitment to making a positive impact extended to facilitate the access to the instruction. Partnering with organizations like E-ducare and Fab Lab, Il Sogno di Giulia Zedda ODV joined the International Kids Coding Bootcamp project they invited  four talented young members supported by the association and they successfully completed the coding course, demonstrating their resilience and determination to overcome challenges.

Giulia Zedda's legacy is one of resilience, compassion, and unwavering positivity. Through the Il Sogno di Giulia Zedda ODV association, Eleonora and Alfio have transformed their grief into a force for good, helping countless families and children in need. Giulia's smile, immortalized in acts of kindness and generosity, serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit has the power to bring hope, joy, and lasting change.

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