Join E-ducare's Kids in the "Jerusalema" Challenge 

4 min read — April 27

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Join E-ducare's Kids in the "Jerusalema" Challenge

Join us for the Jerusalema Challenge to unite children worldwide with a dance.

The dance that will be shown to children living in Africa and Asia in order to learn the steps and play together with their European peers!

A simple and creative way to shorten distances, make friends and help.

We would like to connect children from different places with those in Vietnam and Tanzania. It was through this effort that the young athletes of the Artistic Gymnastics Pula Association gym ventured into the Jerusalema Dance project.

The dance has gone viral on social media. We believe that sport should also be part of educational curricula. Therefore, we are asking more organisations to join and support this endeavour.

Read about the experience of Silvia Paola Lai, architect, technician, and artistic gymnastics judge. She works at the A.S.D. C.S.C.R. PULA (Sardinia), a sports club founded 30 years ago which has always been committed to promote sports and culture among young people, entirely managed by volunteers.

Silvia Paola Lai, E-ducare's volunteer

When did you start working on the project?

I started working on this project from May 25th, 2021. Before that month, restrictions were in place with the closure of gyms for all non-competitive children/teenagers.

Did you know about E-ducare? How did you get involved?

It was my friend Marta Rosa Spiga, E-ducare's volunteer, who introduced me to the association. I immediately welcomed this initiative with enthusiasm.

Working with children has always given me satisfaction, I love the way children communicate and for this reason I decided to actively participate in this school project. I am firmly convinced that values ​​such as friendship, sharing, solidarity or simply "getting involved" and developing awareness can make a difference. Contributing to the E-ducare project made perfect sense.

Were the children enthusiastic about this idea? Did they understand the importance of this project?

They all welcomed this initiative with joy. We managed to involve all age groups, 21 girls between 5 and 15 years old. Some of them are competitive athletes and participate in regional and national competitions.

We worked together to build an engaging choreography. This exercise allowed us to work together despite the different ages, giving them a chance to understand that even a small gesture can be important to help children in difficult circumstances. They tried their best for the "new friends" of Vietnam and Tanzania.

One moment that I will always remember was the colouring of the E-ducare poster board: the girls had lots of fun drawing, gluing, and choosing the pens to proudly leave their signatures on it. Creating a memory that goes beyond sport and it is still on display in our gym in Pula (Cagliari).

Were funds raised through this exercise?

Thanks to the social networks funds were raised, and we are all very happy to have achieved this goal.

How will the project continue to develop?

The project has been presented to schools nationally and internationally. To date, I am collaborating with two other schools, the Dante Alighieri institute in Muravera and the Sant'Efisio primary school in Pula, where I do weekly lessons. We want to involve primary education institutions in Ireland and Portugal as well.

Which video / music material is available for other schools to join?

By contacting us is possible to have the choreography material, specifically the videos with lessons in English and Italian. It is an easy choreography, with simple elements that any child can follow and enjoy it.

About this project

The project has its roots in the great dream of Pierluigi Coscia, CEO and founder of E-ducare, with the objective to provide all children with the same rights and opportunity in accessing education.

Find out more here about our campaign:

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