The International Kids Coding Bootcamp: A Lesson in Solidarity That Transcends Borders 

4 min read — October 14, 2023

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The International Kids Coding Bootcamp: A Lesson in Solidarity That Transcends Borders

On October 15, an initiative by the non-profit organization E-ducare will launch the International Kids Coding Bootcamp, a unique educational project that brings together over 50 children from four continents - Sardinia, Vietnam, Tanzania, and Argentina. This program offers children and teenagers the opportunity to learn the basics of programming while promoting unity, equality, and acceptance of diversity.

The project, entirely free and conducted in English, aims to create a global community of young coding enthusiasts who break down cultural and geographical barriers. Programming, a universal language, becomes the bridge between diverse cultures. Students will have the opportunity to share traditions, create projects based on the culture of their new friends, and learn through interactive play.

This project represents a significant opportunity for disadvantaged children. In particular, children from Vietnam, often lacking educational resources and hosted in a temple, will have access to education through this initiative. The young residents of orphanages supported by E-ducare, such as the Karim Orphanage and the Canaan Children Centre in Tanzania, will learn the basics of programming alongside their Argentine and Italian classmates.

"It is essential for us to ensure access to education for all, and this opportunity provides a valuable course for children in need. The most beautiful result will be that they learn and, above all, have fun while getting to know children and teachers from other parts of the world," commented Nguyen Nhu Quynh, the project coordinator in Vietnam.

Volunteers from around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Romania, will be the teachers guiding children on this educational adventure. Introducing children to the magical world of development and digital skills will be developers from NearForm, a leading tech company that contributed to the first edition of the project. The initiative has also gained traction in Sardinia, where Francesca Mereu, the coordinator of the Faberaus Association and manager of FabLab Cagliari, and Alessia Luca, a Digital Educator, have decided to be part of the teaching team to make the project possible.

The initiative was initiated by Marta Spiga, a 34-year-old native of Cagliari, and a volunteer for the Irish association E-ducare, which focuses on providing access to education for vulnerable children in Vietnam, Tanzania, and Ireland. "The idea was born from observing the company I work for, NearForm, where the categorical imperative is that technology and programming can unite everyone regardless of nationality and socio-cultural background. If you have a PC and an internet connection, you can communicate with the other side of the world. Code speaks all languages, transcends all geographical barriers. The idea was to bring children from literally opposite parts of the world (think of Tanzania and Argentina) together in a single lesson where they learn that beyond differences, they face the same challenges and have fun in a similar way. To ensure that children appreciate the beauty of diversity, projects will be based on descriptions of the food, music, and art of their classmates; so Italians will get to know Vietnam and vice versa."

Eleonora Galia, President of the "Il Sogno di Giulia Zedda" Association, said, "We are open to new experiences, offering opportunities for the growth of the children we support, children who need help and cannot afford paid courses. Any opportunity is useful and valid."

This project is supported by various non-profit organizations, including E-ducare, "Il Sogno di Giulia Zedda," the Faberaus Association, and Fundación Gran Chaco. Each of these organizations is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children.

"The Faberaus Association's purpose, as stated in its Statute, is to carry out activities related to education, instruction, and professional training, as well as cultural activities of social interest with educational purposes. This is a very important event aimed at combating educational poverty, so we decided to participate with great pleasure," added Francesca Mereu, coordinator of the Faberaus Association and manager of FabLab Cagliari.

Pierluigi Coscia, Founder and CEO of E-ducare, concluded: "A child, a teacher, and a pen can change the world. PCs and digital skills are the pens of the new millennium, capable of rewriting lives and marking a different destiny. Our goal is to open new educational opportunities for children worldwide, breaking the cycle of poverty. Every child, regardless of where they live, has the right to the same opportunities."

The International Kids Coding Bootcamp is a demonstration of the power of education, technology, and solidarity in creating a more united and inclusive world. This event brings together associations from around the world in a unique global learning opportunity.

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